Amity Eco Project

Project Concept

The Amity Eco Project developed two eco-accommodation prototypes at Amity Point Camping Ground on North Stradbroke Island. These prototypes are being market tested, evaluated and fine-tuned for possible use in clusters within other Straddie Camping, camping grounds on North Stradbroke Island.

The structures draw inspiration from traditional Australian tent styles, and the quintessential North Stradbroke Island beach shacks, whilst also integrating the Quandamooka People's cultural considerations in design concept & application.

Importantly, sustainability initiatives, and aesthetics that strongly relate to the Island's traditional structures have been incorporated into the designs. 


The new EcoShacks have been branded as Eco Shacks, and are available now for bookings

Research Project

North Stradbroke Island, or Minjerribah, as it is know to the Island’s Traditional Owners, has a rich history of welcoming guests.

The TQual Grant has enabled the undertaking of a joint research project between Straddie Camping and the North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum, to examine the way in which the Quandamooka people interacted with Aboriginal people from other places, how they hosted the first European visitors, and how visitors are hosted today.

See full project details HERE.

Architects Conceptual Drawings (not exact)

 Front view - verandah & open door
 Front view - under board storage space
 Rear View - bathroom with shower

The finished EcoShacks More information and pricing