Ecotourism Accreditation

We are Eco Certified 

Straddie Camping is proud to have been awarded Advance Ecotourism certification, Respecting our Culture certificaiton, and Climate Action certification by peak industry body Ecotourism Australia.

Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation

  The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Straddie Camping has attained Advanced Eco Certification under this program. This highest level of ECO Certification recognises that we are a tourism operator with strong interpretation values, commitment to nature conservation and helping local communities.

Respecting Our Culture

  Respecting Our Culture (ROC) certification ensures that tourism experiences meet customer expectations in a professional and sustainable way, whilst encouraging the industry to operate with respect for Indigenous cultural heritage.
Respecting Our Culture certification provides recognition of cultural protocols and authenticity.

Climate Action Certification

The Climate Action Certification program is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and assuring travellers that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices related to addressing climate change.
Straddie Camping has attained Climate Action Certification by showing: 
  • an understanding of climate change concepts and terminology
  • undertaking credible offsetting activities
  • reducing carbon emissions through design, equipment selection and changes in operational practices
  • adopting practices that assist both the business, the collective industry and community within its area of operation.